10 Things I Used To Do When I Was Struggling To Build My Flute Studio

Studio Building

....And Had To Quit In Order To Create The Amazing Studio I Have Today (And That I've Had for Years Now No Matter Where I Lived)

1. Constantly second guessing myself - even if I had what I thought were great ideas, I would talk myself out of them within days and sometimes hours

2. Always choosing the "hard" way thinking it had to be the "right" way (even if it was the wrong way...because I was addicted to everything being hard)

3. Being a total flake about having standards...and assuming students and parents would walk away if I enforced anything

4. Settling,sacrificing and compromising all the time

5. Thinking I had to earn everyone's attention and respect (and that my resume, credentials, etc. were never enough... I need more more more!)

6. Charging what I thought I could charge, lowballing my rates, playing the smallest money game ever

7. Assuming I had to deal with slow paying, flaky and unsupportive parents (everybody does, right?)

8. Waiting for someone to annoint me as "the best flute teacher" like throwing fairy dust on me or waving the wand or whatever

9. Wondering deep down if I had what it takes to make this thing GO! (and wondering why it wasn't working... DUH)

10. Not being the real me - fun and sassy and creative

Here's the reality...

If you want awesome students
If you want supportive and available parents
If you want a flute studio on your terms
If you are tired of feeling burned out
If you are done settling for what you've already got because you know it could be so much better
(and so do I)...