Strategy Session

Are you struggling to start or grow your private studio? Are you a musician who left the field with an intention to return, yet unsure about the right approach to take? Are you a recent graduate (undergrad and beyond) who is feeling overwhelmed by your potential career options?

If you answered yes to any of the above, a strategy session may be just the boost you need to gain perspective and momentum. I will customize your session according to the challenges you are currently facing, and leave you with a clear action plan so you know what's next.

We'll spend up to two hours analyzing your current situation, and I'll provide solutions for recruiting, retention, and getting your name out there. Includes a 30 minute follow-up call within 60 days of the completed strategy session.

Virtual Huddle 

If you have a classroom or studio outside the Atlanta area and want to offer something unique to your students, consider reserving a 30 or 60 minute Virtual Huddle with me via your favorite video chat tool. I will prepare content that suits your audience including handouts and a Q&A session. Favorite topics include private music studio building and development, flute pedagogy, and ensemble creation.

Katherine with the flute students at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

University Residency

Having personally experienced all levels of a music degree (undergrad, graduate and doctorate) and confronted the "real world" when it was all over, I'm able to offer many different perspectives to music students who are pondering their careers and lives during and after their music degree work.

The topics I've covered in previous residencies that have been most popular include:
- the optimal mindset to have while in school
- exploring various career options
- using resources to gauge your interests
- post graduate expectations and preparation
- building a thriving private studio

I come to your school in person and facilitate multiple sessions over a series of days (we decide together the number of sessions and days).

Single sessions and one-day visits are also an option.

Charleston Southern University

University of Missouri

University of Louisville

University of Kentucky

Residency Testimonials

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