Let me show you how to make a profitable, sustainable, and FUN career doing what you love.


Innovative Teaching. Fantastic Income. Gratifying career.

Sound too good to be true? IT'S NOT.

  • A seasoned private lessons teacher looking for ideas to spice up your teaching?
  • A recent music grad who is terrified about starting a private lessons studio?
  • A teacher whose studio numbers have steadily declined in the past few years?
  • A relatively ambitious part time teacher looking for ways to increase the amount of money you make?
  • An admittedly not-so-business-savvy musician interested in learning more about the business side of teaching? 
  • A musician who recently moved to a new city and need some serious help getting established?

If you answered any of those questions with a resounding "YES," you've come to the right place, my friend. Keep scrolling to find out why.

Hi, there! 

My name is Katherine.

I'm a musician who has always been a teacher, and I figured out a way to make teaching private music lessons a dream job for myself and others.

While working towards my doctorate in flute performance, I built a  private flute studio to "practice" my teaching skills before landing the "dream job" as a full time flute professor. This was the third new studio I had built, so I was already a seasoned professional. After countless applications and interviews for higher ed positions, guess what happened.

No glory job.

Sound familiar?

Then, I woke up. 

I realized I already had everything I wanted: I was teaching flute, playing flute, making a HIGHER INCOME than I would teaching at the university level, and I was my own boss. 

I taught myself all the business skills I needed to make my studio GO. I rolled up my sleeves and made the lesson experience for my students and myself unbelievable. And now, I'm here to teach you how to do it too.

If you're unhappy in your job as a private music lessons teacher or want to create your own studio, I'm here to help you!

What can I help you with?

I’m a private music teacher who needs help building, marketing and sustaining my studio

I’m a flute teacher looking for teaching materials for my students

I’m an established teacher looking for help with aspecific aspect of my studio

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Katherine and her course are AMAZING.

The topics covered are well structured and relevant. This course gave me the push I needed to complete the things I had either been putting off or had no idea how to do. Katherine went over the top to make sure I was getting what I needed out of the course. Thanks to her, I have a renewed energy for teaching and tons of new ideas on how to run my studio. I can now quickly turn casual inquiries into new students, reach out to band directors more easily, and create a community in my studio. The course exceeded my expectations, and its benefits are invaluable.

- Victoria Williams